都内某クワイアに数年所属し、JZ Brat SOUND OF TOKYOやスイート・ベイジルSTB139などに出演。ゴスペル歌手JOE PACE来日時、一緒にステージに立つ。










He is active mainly in black music such as jazz, soul, blues, funk, and gospel. He was greatly influenced by music that touched his heart, and studied music theory at the music school Maser House.


She also works as a chorus singer for TV shows, studio recordings, session singers, and house singers in restaurants and bars. She also regularly performs live at children's centers and day care centers in Tokyo.


He was a member of a choir in Tokyo for several years and performed at JZ Brat SOUND OF TOKYO and Sweet Basil STB139. When gospel singer JOE PACE came to Japan, he performed on stage with him.


He works full-time as a voice trainer at a vocal school in Tokyo and also works as a full-time instructor at a major production company in Tokyo.


We also help students prepare for musical auditions, and several students have been selected for the Annie practical audition.

Selected successful candidates for the "KUMANOGAKKOU" musical.



Currently, the parent-child gospel choir lessons for moms and children are holding several workshops each month in preparation for summer and Christmas concerts.






Gospel Chorus•ゴスペルコーラス

Trial Lesson•体験お申し込み